Your world, secured.

Use a single secure password to access and encrypt all your passwords with. You can use this password on all platforms to make your life easy.
IronCrypto uses the AES 256 algorithm to encrypt all your data on your browser. Our servers use the Google Cloud Engine to ensure maximum reliability and performance.
IronCrypto is available for iOS and Android devices as well as any web browser that supports Javascript.
IronCrypto is completely free of charge on all platforms.

How Does it Work?

IronCrypto uses Google accounts for authentication and Google server(s) for hosting your encrypted data.
Once you have signed in with Google, you will be asked to create a master password to access IronCrypto
All your data will be encrypted with your master password on your browser before it gets sent to us.
You are not required to disclose your master password to anyone, including the server(s) where IronCrypto is hosted.
Neither IronCrypto nor Google can view your data because neither of them have access to your master password.
With the ability to create your own labels, you can keep your data organized and easy to find.
What happens if I forget my master password? All your data stored using that password will be completely inaccessible, so please make sure you always remember it.
How does IronCrypto encrypt my data? IronCrypto uses AES directly on your browser to encrypt your passwords and get the cipher key (using plain password as source for key expansion). It uses AES in Counter mode of operation.
Why encrypt and decrypt my data on the browser? By encrypting/decrypting your data on the browser instead of doing it on the server, we eliminate the possibility of your private data being taken from our servers.
Why is Google Authentication Required? We ask all our users to sign in with their Google accounts first, so as to validate the existence of the user and minimize the registration of bots or illegitimate users.